Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney in Gainesville, GA

For many businesses and individuals considering bankruptcy, chapter 11 has become a very practical, popular option. Filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy means that the debtor creates a repayment plan and reorganizes in order to remain open, while repaying debts. The reorganization and repayment plan must be court approved and is court regulated.

A small business is often the livelihood for their owners and for the employees of the business. Because chapter 11 bankruptcy is often not a full liquidation and closing of the business, it is a very attractive option for a business that needs to remain open. Owners who are having trouble repaying their debts can then reorganize in order to repay debts, while continuing to provide for themselves and for their family.

Why Use an Experienced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney?

Business law
 is complicated to begin with – bankruptcy law on top of it quickly becomes complex. It is of the utmost importance to avoid mistakes while filing chapter 11 bankruptcy. A small mistake can often result in a large, unnecessary loss for the business that is filing.

Our leading bankruptcy attorney, Brad Patten, has extensive experience with chapter 11 bankruptcy and has represented many businesses and corporations throughout the metro Atlanta and North Georgia area. His knowledge and expertise is leveraged during each step of the process in order ensure the best possible outcome for his clients. 

The Process

Our firm will guide you through the process, so that you can get back to growing your business. Items we will assist with include: filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy, gathering documentation and information about all finances and debts, confirming an automatic stay, monitoring the state of debtor in possession, facilitating the creditors meeting, communication with the US trustee, representation with the court, creating a debt reorganization plan and all other communications and filing pertaining to your bankruptcy case.

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