Alternative Dispute Resolution

Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles' extensive experience as trial lawyers for both plaintiffs and defendants strengthens our firm in effectively mediating disputes and avoiding costly litigation altogether. With reputations for being even-handed, objective, and forthright, our mediators serve as neutral facilitators who work with the parties to open channels of communication, to inject reason into their discussions, and to help each side see the dispute through the eyes of the other.

Dispute Resolution Experience

John Smith is a certified neutral and an Early Case Evaluator who worked as a United States Magistrate Judge and handled federal court proceedings at pretrial and trial levels. Steve Gilliam is also trained and experienced as a mediator and Early Case Evaluator. Mr. Smith and Mr. Gilliam suggest compromises and carry offers and counter-offers between mediation parties to help them reach their own conclusions and agreements on how to settle disputes. 

Our high success rates with alternative dispute resolution testify to our impartiality, objectivity, and ability to negotiate, yet firmness when the situation warrants. We recognize that the dispute resolution process inevitably involve confrontation and emotion, and respect the leadership role of the mediator in guiding parties toward consensus, without the financial and emotional cost of a court case.

In addition to mediation, Steve Gilliam has experience serving as an arbitrator. Mr. Gilliam is available to serve as an arbitrator in disputes under the auspices of the Georgia Arbitration Code, the Federal Arbitration Act, the State Bar of Georgia Fee Mediation Dispute Resolution Program, and other arbitration frameworks.

Dispute Resolution Services:

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