No Money? Let's Modify!

It is a common occurance today to pick up a newspaper or magazine and read about the consequences our economy is having on children living in a divorced household or on the former spouse dependent on alimony. It is challenging for family practitioners to guide the client through these scary and unpredictable times. The law gives ample opportunity for modifications, especially downward, and these provisions are being utilized much more frequently than ever before.

The 2007 child support guidelines provide a quick method of relief for that parent suffering an involuntary loss of income which was not previously availavle to litigants. This paper is meant to give an overview of the means to modify child support and alimony as well as a perspective from a trial judge’s view. So, no money? Let’s modify!

If you would like to read more about modification, please view the document written by Kelly Anne Miles of Smith, Gilliam, Williams, & Miles, P.A.