The Basics of Estate Planning


A basic estate plan will help a person determine:

  1. What will happen to that person's financial affairs when he or she is incapacitated
  2. What will happen if a person becomes unable to make medical decisions for himself
  3. What happens to a person's estate when he dies

Without a properly executed will in place, the State of Georgia will decide for you where your property will go. At the time of a person's death, where does his property go, what are the emotional consequences for family members, what are the tax consequences for the estate?

  1. Wills
    1. Dying Without a Valid Will
    2. Advantages of a Valid Will
  2. Advance Medical Directives
  3. Trusts
  4. Your Estate Planning Options
  5. Reviewing Your Estate Plan

We offer a full range of estate planning and probate services, ranging from helping you navigate the Probate process in Georgia to helping you decide whether to challenge the validity of a will. We will offer as much or as little support as you request from us. Thank you for considering us for your estate planning and probate needs.