Firm History

Eight decades ago in 1928, a young and eager attorney, R. Wilson Smith,Jr., opened a law office in the Jackson Building in downtown Gainesville.

Mr. Smith, a fresh University of Georgia law school graduate, was so anxious to practice law that he worried all available cases might be solved by the time he opened his front door for business.

He needn't have worried.

Mr. Smith solved an impressive number of cases over the next half century, laying the foundation for a respected firm that has provided sound legal advice to businesses and individuals across the nation - and across the decades.

Today, Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles represents a diverse breadth of clients, ranging from some of the nation's largest companies, to local and regional businesses, individuals and families. John Smith and Tyler Smith, Mr. Smith's son and grandson, carry on the proud legacy of the past while staying on the leading edge of legal and technological change.

The firm's other attorneys round out this legacy. In addition to representing their clients, they regularly write and lead lectures and workshops on various aspects of law, including emerging fields such as alternative dispute resolution.

A philosophy deeply entrenched in the firm since its very beginning is the practice of giving back to the community. From serving in leadership positions for civic organizations to active involvement in government, the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce and city and county schools, Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles plays an integral role in helping shape the community and the region.

Built on a rich tradition of providing sound legal advice and superior representation, Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles looks forward to the next 80 years of serving individuals and businesses across the region, state and nation.