Family Law

Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles attorneys and support staff are sensitive to the emotions, pain, and turmoil that are often part of transitions in family life. Through our compassionate and professional guidance, we work to provide favorable results for our clients whether through mediation and settlement or complex litigation. Our goal is to provide exemplary service tailored to each client’s own special needs. Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles is committed to take the time necessary to explain options to our clients and to keep them updated on the status of their case. We recognize that no other area of the law touches our clients' lives as intimately as family law.

Family Law Services

Our family law specialists offer representation in the following areas:

Representation of both husbands and wives in the dissolution of marriages, including issues concerning child custody, child support, alimony, property division with an emphasis on complex financial cases, domestic violence and all other issues arising in divorce.

We work with clients in initial custody determinations, including development of parent plans, as well as modification of the initial custody order, including visitation. We also handle cases in the areas of paternity and grandparent rights.

Modification of Child Support
Modification of prior child support orders may be appropriate. We offer consultation and guidance to modify child support obligations.

Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles represents clients during the initial request for alimony in divorce or separation cases, as well as representation in subsequent modification, either upward or downward, of alimony obligations.

Our firm assists clients in enforcing prior court orders through the appropriate remedies allowed by Georgia law.

Prenuptial Agreements
Our family law attorneys offer consultation on and preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Mediation is a fair and efficient process to help clients resolve disputes and reach an agreement. We represent our clients in the mediation process on all issues of family law which assists them in reaching a uncontested, negotiated agreement.

Rights of Unmarried Clients
Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles works with clients on legal issues involved in the dissolution of a relationship between unmarried individuals, including custody, property division, and preparation of partnership agreements.

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