Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
For Families & Individuals

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for private individuals. This type of bankruptcy allows the debtor to create an agreed-upon plan to pay back their debt. One goal is to enable you to keep vital assets, such as your home or car. SGWM will gather all information regarding your finances and debts and work with the court to create a payment plan. Most importantly, Brad Patten, our bankruptcy attorney, will be with you throughout the entire process, providing exceptional counsel and representation.

Others Types of Bankruptcy For Families & Individuals

Deciding whether or not to file for bankruptcy is a serious decision. There are pros and cons. SGWM’s bankruptcy attorney, Brad Patten, excels at communication and helping you make an informed decision. If you decide to bankruptcy is right for you, we will ensure that you file under the correct chapter and be with you throughout the entire process.

Chapter 7

Top Benefit: Protect your household possessions.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most common types of personal bankruptcy. It is often a viable option for individuals who are facing financial difficulties and unable to repay their debts. One of the primary advantages of Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that certain properties that are deemed essential by the court are exempt from liquidation.

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Chapter 11

Top Benefit: Ideal for individuals with higher incomes.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy has become an efficient and popular option for both businesses and individuals to overcome debt challenges. Most Chapter 11 cases are too costly for consumer debtors but are an option for those who can afford it. Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the debtor to create a repayment plan, which must be approved and regulated by the court.

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Our Attorneys

Bradley J. Patten

Brad J. Patten joined Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles in 1989 and has an extensive background in bankruptcy and workers compensation law. As a court-appointed Chapter 7 trustee since 1997, Mr. Patten works with debtors and creditors to guide them through the complex process of bankruptcy.

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