Workers Compensation

If you’ve been injured on the job, you have numerous questions that must be answered. We understand that accidents and injuries occur while you’re on the job, they are serious and must be dealt with accordingly.

Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles attorneys are highly esteemed and recognized in Workers injury law. Having held leadership positions in the State Bar of Georgia’s Workers Compensation Labor and Employment Law Section, our lawyers are frequently invited to speak at workers compensation workshops throughout the state.

We ethically but aggressively obtain the best possible results on our clients’ behalf. We are committed to open and ongoing communication with our clients, and work to keep them abreast of developments in the cases as they progress.

Our goal is to offer clear, practical advice based on each client’s circumstances and needs; and to provide our services as economically as possible.

Our Attorneys

Bradley J. Patten

Bradley J. Patten joined Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles in 1989 and has an extensive background in bankruptcy and workers compensation law. As a court-appointed Chapter 7 trustee since 1997, Mr. Patten works with debtors and creditors to guide them through the complex process of bankruptcy.

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