Banking & Finance Law

Our attorneys also have experience in representing FDIC loss-share banks with respect to creditor work.  This representation includes foreclosures, real estate confirmation proceedings and deficiency actions. 

Representing institutions such as United Community Bank and South Carolina Bank & Trust, the attorneys of Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles are intimately familiar with regulations, commercial laws, state and federal statutes, administrative regulations and court decisions that affect the banking and finance industry.


Banking Law Services

  • Lending and secured transactions
  • Loan workouts
  • Mortgages and foreclosures
  • Public finance
  • State and municipal bonds and financing
  • Venture capital
  • FDIC Loss-Share Banks

Who We Represent

Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles attorneys help depositors, lenders and borrowers achieve their goals, manage their risks and create stable, long-term strategies. Our extensive knowledge of the people, products and practices in the industry provides foresight to help us avoid issues that might otherwise derail transactions, keeping financing on track and on schedule.

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