Document Production: New Things Not to Miss

publication | July 26, 2012

Document production in the arena of family law is absolutely essential…and fun! Being able to accurately identify and gather the documents needed to prove your case is one of the most important steps in effectively and zealously representing your client. It is amazing what can be exposed about finances, assets, conduct, custody and other relevant facts through the thoughtful and proper use of the discovery tools afforded under Georgia law. However, you must also be just as thorough in gathering relevant documents from your own client. Without all of these documents, you will never be able to put together the pieces of the puzzle that tell the story of your case.

Once you have pulled together the pieces to tell the story, you will need to be sure that you are familiar with the rules of the court(s) that you are before, including the local ones, so that when you have completed discovery and effectively told your client’s story, you are able to obtain some relief for your clients. Thus, the purpose of these materials is two-fold: to help you gather the relevant documents to tell your client’s story and to assist you in preparing to obtain relief after the story is told. The scope includes a general overview of document discovery and some specifics on two of the newest areas of law for family law practitioners, child support and custody.

If you would like to read more about document production, please view the document written by Kelly Anne Miles of Smith, Gilliam, Williams, & Miles, P.A.

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