Workplace Accident? How Do I Contact OSHA and What Information Should I Provide?

publication | February 8, 2016

Unfortunately, workplace accidents and injuries periodically occur.  After ensuring the employee involved receives medical attention, there are several issues employers must address to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) regulations.  First, the employer must determine if the injury is recordable on the employer’s OSHA 300 Logs.  Second, the employer must determine if the injury is reportable under OSHA’s new reporting requirements.  Read a brief article on OSHA’s new reporting requirements.

If the employer has determined the accident is not reportable, the employer does not need to contact OSHA but may need to record the accident on its 300 Logs.  However, if the injury caused by the workplace accident is the type covered by the new reporting requirements the employer must contact OSHA.

If the employer has determined the accident is reportable, the employer may contact OSHA in several ways: 1) by telephone or in person at the OSHA Area Office closest to the accident; 2) by telephone (1-800-321-OSHA); or 3) by an electronic form found on OSHA’s website at

When contacting OSHA, the employer should provide the following information: 1) business or establishment name; 2) location of the accident; 3) time of the accident; 4) type of reportable accident; 5) number of employees involved; 6) the name(s) of employee(s) involved in the accident; 7) company contact person and his/her phone number; and 8) brief description of the accident.  OSHA’s reporting requirements are located at 29 CFR 1904.39.

If you have any questions regarding OSHA’s reporting requirements or other OSHA matters, please contact Clayton Franklin.

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